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My Kitten Has Fleas – Help!

Wondercide Natural Flea & Tick Control for Pets Home - Cedar & Lemongrass - 4 oz KILLS THE FLEA & TICK LIFECYCLE! Wondercide offers a safe & effective alternative to monthly chemical treatments like drops, pills, bombs, dips & sprays.FRESH…

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Bottle Feeding A Newborn Kitten

How Often Do You Feed Newborn Kittens?

Wondering how often do you feed newborn kittens? If you have found yourself in the unique position of having to care for a newborn kitten, you probably have many questions on how to proceed. A brand new baby kitten is…

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Is There a Flea Treatment For 5 Week Old Kittens?

Bayer Advantage II Kitten Flea Treatment for Kittens, 2-5 lb, 2 doses Veterinarian-recommended monthly flea treatment for cats Product is Odorless Kills through contact. No biting required Easy to apply flea prevention for cats Starts working within 12 hours, keeps…

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What Can Newborn Kittens Eat?

Wondering what can newborn kittens eat? KMR® Powder for Kittens & Cats, 12oz Formulated to provide a caloric pattern similar to queen's milk in protein, fat, and carbohydrates.Supplies necessary vitamins and minerals to ensure proper development and growth.Ideal supplement for…

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When Do Kittens Eat Dry Food?

Wellness Complete Health Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food, Kitten Health Deboned Chicken & Chicken Meal Recipe, 5.5-Pound Bag Grain Free Complete Health: Grain Free, Complete And Balanced Everyday Nutrition For Your CatKitten Formula: Delicious Dry Kitten Food Made With…

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What Wet Food is Best for Kittens?

Purina Pro Plan Wet Kitten Food Variety Pack; FOCUS Kitten Favorites - (12) 3 oz. Cans Two (2) Packs of Twelve (12) 3 oz. Cans - Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Kitten Favorites Wet Kitten Food Variety PackMade with real poultry…

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Kittens Eating Litter?

Is your kitten eating it's litter? Kittens, like human babies, like to explore their environment, often with their mouths. Occasionally, some kittens will attempt to eat some of their litter. If this is happening, it is a good idea to…

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